One of the main factors that complicates investment into new or existing businesses in sub–Saharan Africa is the relative (to rest of world) scarcity of skills, specifically staff with international experience. A significant percentage of the most talented African entrepreneurs and professionals have in the past (and are still) leaving Africa for greener pastures. Many of these would consider returning to their home countries if capital to start new ventures or decent jobs at market related salaries were available (the Diaspora).


The major obstacle to finding a job in Africa is the lack of awareness of job openings and potential opportunities, or else the jobseekers are totally unaware of their value in monetary terms to employers in Africa.


Given the relative lack of sizeable mature companies with strong corporate governance in sub-Saharan Africa in relation to the projected economic growth of the region over the next decade, it is a given that private equity will be a major (if not the) source of capital for African companies.


The Adansonia group, through its service offerings to corporate and private equity fund clients (with sub-Saharan African operations), already have many touch points with African companies and private equity funds. Adding a bespoke HR sourcing service makes imminent sense in broadening our footprint and breadth of service offerings.


We are thus currently recruiting a suitable person to head up Adansonia Diaspora, if you know of anyone in your circle of influence that possibly has the right credentials, please drop us an email or call.